One of the most common issues among those who seek counseling is low self-esteem.  Self-esteem is best described as how you think and feel about yourself.  It may be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.  Working to improve your self-esteem requires courage and honesty in confronting the things about yourself you don’t like.  It’s important to recognize and treat low self-esteem because it dictates how you live your life, the decisions that you make, as well as the quality of your relationships.

Our esteem develops from our experiences and our relationships from birth through adolescence.  Negative experiences and troubled relationships lower it although no single event or person determines your level of self-esteem.  Healthy self-esteem allows people to be realistic about goals, accept criticism, and learn from mistakes. It also gives you the confidence to deal with uncertain circumstances.  Low self-esteem makes people fearful and unrealistic about goals which further challenges their self-esteem.

Counseling can help you take a look at oneself and change the things we don’t like.  There are several techniques that can be used to help improve self-esteem.  You will learn how to monitor negative self-beliefs, wrongful thoughts and assumptions.  Through thinking more positively and realistically about yourself can help you develop your talents and abilities.  Becoming more tolerant of the “real” you, your relationships will also improve.  This is a result of accepting and seeing others realistically.

There is hope for living a life of renewed purpose, meaning, and discovery.  Low self-esteem can be corrected and improved with counseling, so LET’S TALK!!!